Trip of Kandahar:

Trip of Kandahar:

April 17th to 19th, 2010

I traveled for three days mission in to Kandhar having following objectives. Three days a go there was suicide attack in provincial police office and LBG an American company. Several peoples were wounded and one of the development aid workers and three Gurkhas security were seriously injured. However in Kandhar there is security situation is very volatile. All UN system staffs were evacuated. I am really thankful to team of NABDP regional office they are working in such conflicting situation and demonstrate their performance excellently.

I am able to visit one DDA called Arghandab District of Kandhar provinces. We did interaction with DDA members and District Governor. Fortunately there was another meeting of IRD. IRD staffs were travelling by helicopter to do meeting with DDAs and we (NABDP team) were traveling by local haired taxi. IT shows NABDP had more acceptances in to the local communities. What were the main reasons to get more acceptance of the programme? Based on my observation next paragraph will explain more details about it.

MRRD/NABDP facilitated the process for the formulation of local institutions DDAs and CDCs for the participation in development process. These community institutions were mobilized need assessment and prioritization – Development planning called District Development Planning. The members of these institutions were able to do active participation during projects survey – provide secure corridor and implementation of projects, Tripartite contracting modality - Generate ownership taken by the local community and provincial and local government. There was Joint monitoring – Corrections, building capacity to do better.

The projects were focused in to secure as well as towards leading the process to make oppositions softer to accept development in remote districts. The completed various projects were able to resolve disputes during projects implementation.

General Observation during the trip of Kandahar in relationship with security;

Kandahar is one of the main heartland of Taliban. There were three to four explosions in to main city of Kandahar while I was visiting. UN-WFP evacuated their international staff to Kabul. I saw and meet many Pashtu’s. Who are tall, heavy weight, everyone is grow a beard and a moustache looks like real PATHAN. This city is closed to Pakistan border and mainly Queta city of Pakistan. This area was highly influenced by the Pakistan North West frontier and Pashataun.