Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wake up with big Explosions in Kabul

Friday; 19th August 2011.
Kabul, Government was preparing for the celebration of Independence Day. Friday is a national holiday in Afghanistan, marking the country's independence from Great Britain in 1919.

I was in completely in weekend mood and laying down in my bed with good morning sleep. I heard very loudly noise and wake up with suddenly. I saw from my window big smoke near to Interconentinential Hotel (Karte Parwan Area). My windos were shaiking and brids were flying in front of my yard due to big noise. The first blast went off at 05:38 am (01:08 GMT), with a second 10 minutes later; sporadic gunfire was also heard.

The British Council was the target of the attacks; a spokesman for the NATO-led force was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency. Unconfirmed reports say there were casualties. The Taliban later said they carried out the attack. "(There were) two explosions at the British Council but at this stage, we're still gathering facts," said Maj Jason Waggoner, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force, according to AFP. (Source: BBC)

Kabul police official Farooq Asas was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that three people were killed in the blasts. But details are not yet coming. There are other reports are saying some municipal workers also killed.

There is fighting is still going on, unconfirmed report said three internationals were killed and one of them is Nepali security guard. It is not yet confirmed that whether he was working in British Army or security guard.

Being a development worker in Kabul and Afghanistan, life is always stressful due to this type of unexpected casualties and explosions. My office security focal persons Mr. Sadery called to me and said “today is movement blocked and please stay at home until further notice”. Now we cannot go out from the home.

We were invited for the lunch at UNOCA by our friends. My friend Manoj Khadaka told me he postponed this plan. We cannot have any pre plan here. After this attack, an hour later I started to do my YOGA and I did full course of my Yoga an hour. I realize this is the only ways to minimize this stress of working in war zone like Afghanistan.

By; Nahakul K.C. Kabul.