Thursday, January 13, 2011

Closely observing Suicide Attack in Kabul

Closely observing Suicide Attack in Kabul. By; Nahakul K.C.



We were on the way to our office Minisitiry of Rural rehabilitation and Development near to Darluman palace. Me, my friends, Manoj Kahdaka, Munir Barmak and our driver Sultan we were together in that travel.

It was suicide attack on the way to office. It was only 20 miters far from our vehicle. All of sudden we hear very loudly sounds in back site of our car. It was so loudly sounds that our cannot controlled it was sacking all areas. I all of sudden close my eyes and ears. I could not remember few seconds. Later on when I open my eyes our car was stranded along the road side. Peoples were running here and there. We saw peace of dead bodies nearby our car. It was so scary moment. I never had such close suicide attack sounds in my life.

My friend Munir was praying to “Allaha” and I was praying to “ Save Bhagwan Save Bhagwan” my friend Manoj was also sayinh Hey Pashupati Nath”. In the last moment of life we are just remembering to our gods . Later on we all were expressing thanks to God for saving our life. Usually I wont belief in luck. But today I believed in luck because our car was 60 to 80 KM per hour speed. Our car was able to scape only 30 miter far from that accident place.

Later on we came to know there were at least three were killed including an Afghan intelligence staff and 32 other people were wounded in a suicide Blast in Kabul on Wednesday morning and officials said the bus was carrying employees of National Directorate of Security.

The incident happened at around 08:00 am in Serahi Alauddin area when a suicide bomber rammed his motorcycle into bus carrying government employees.

Describing the Kabul suicide bombing as inhuman and brutal act, President Karzai strongly condemned the attack in a statement released by his office later on the day.

The wounded were immediately rushed to Isteqlal hospital which is very near to the site of the incident, that the 32 wounded people were admitted to the hospital.

"One died of his wounds, and one more patient is in a critical condition," she added.

It is not yet clear how many of the wounded are ordinary civilians. Mrs Dalil said the number of casualties may rise as three other ambulances were on the way to the hospital.

Taliban has taken responsibly for the incident.

Practical TIPS to save from this type of Incidents:

· Avoid same route every day going and returning to office

· Be careful with suspicious motorbikes or who are wearing Burkas (scarf) people and coming nearby begging

· Don’t go to close suspected places

· Reach to safe place as earliest as possible and report to the management or security coordinator as earliest as possible

· Early to office avoiding the rush hour may be a safer option